Monday, May 28, 2007

Ah, Spring

Ah, finals. How I love finals. I don't even take finals anymore, but grading them is actually far more difficult. If my students don't get it by now, what do I say? I can't help but feel responsible -- not for teaching poorly, but for not creating higher, and more clear, expectations. Alas, I grade and wonder how to make the entire process better. And this is how a typical semester plays out: I begin with vigor, begin cataloging necessary changes throughout the semester, and by semester's end, I'm restructuring my entire syllabus, which I generally need to complete in short time for the upcoming semester.

But I think I'm getting better.

In the meantime, we're moving, and moving is always fun. It's great to see just how much stuff you actually own and wonder how the hell it all came into your possession. And how do you pack little things, like pencils and votive candles? I generally use the "swipe" method:

1. Find a bag, either plastic or paper
2. Place bag at end of surface where packables sit
3. Extend right arm
4. Swipe packables into bag
5. Repeat as necessary

Of course, this makes unpacking a chore, but I generally find that I'm more anxious about actually moving the stuff than packing or unpacking.

And I realize, once again, that I own far too many books. I cannot, however, bring myself to part with any of them. After all, I'm a college teacher. Who knows when I may need these books for reference? So far, I've packed five large boxes full of books and I'm not quite finished. Some of these books are dusty; my cat sneezes from the dust as she watches me pack the books. Then she investigates the empty bookshelves, rolls in the dust, sneezes some more.

And then there's everything else...

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