Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poking the Belly

I'm trying to teach my unborn son how to count. I poke my wife's belly once and say, loudly, "One." Then I wait for one kick. Then, I poke my wife's belly twice and say, loudly, "Two." Then I wait for two kicks. So far, we haven't moved past two. We've got "one" down pretty well, I think.

I've also begun placing headphones on Nicole's belly and playing music for my unborn son. Currently in the rotation: Pablo Casals performing Bach cello suites; Debussy's Suite Bergamasque; Glenn Gould performing Hayden; and Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me". OK - I'm kidding about the last one. Sometimes I do offer him Miles Davis' Kind of Blue.

I've been reading Goodnight Moon to him, too, but tonight we begin with Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Why? Why not!

In other news, I'm planning to implement Blogs into my courses for the fall, so I intend to produce more blogs and generally make the site more interesting. Yay! 21st-century learning styles!